IAR Database

IAR Database

One of the prime assets of the Australian Alpaca Association is its pedigree register – the International Alpaca Register (IAR). The IAR is recorded on eAlpaca – a bespoke online system designed and built specifically for the AAA. The register records full details of animals’ pedigrees and ownership. The maintenance of an accurate pedigree database for every registered alpaca in Australia is of prime importance for the genetic improvement of the national herd and provides the basis for commercial buying decisions. All AAA members are recommended to register their breeding stock and buyers are encouraged to buy animals that have a pedigree registration certificate issued by the Australian Alpaca Association. 

Through DNA testing and recording of certified breeding male status, the AAA offers to breeders and prospective buyers, a credible pedigree with fundamental genetic assurance. This testing also forms a pool of genetic information that enables leading-edge research with the best genetic technology the world has to offer. For further information on DNA testing, including the newly offered alpaca colour genetic test, please contact the AAA office – info@alpaca.asn.au or Ph 02 61512073

IAR Rules

The purpose of the IAR Rules is to:

  1. Describe the procedures for registration and transfer of alpacas on the IAR; and
  2. Describe other matters incidental and relevant to the IAR

The IAR Rules were revised following a period of member consultation and ratified by the AAA Board in February 2021.

The AAA Ltd IAR Operations By-Law 2023

AAALtdIAROperationsBy-Law_October 2023

IAR Registration

Alpaca registration and sire authority functions can be completed on-line via eAlpacaIf you require assistance or the office staff to undertake these transactions please call us on (02) 6151 2073.

Please note that a surcharge will be added to any transaction which you could have undertaken yourself via eAlpaca.

Registration of alpacas on the AAA IAR Register must comply with the AAALtdIAROperationsBy-Law_October 2023