What is eAlpaca?

What is eAlpaca?

The eAlpaca system has been custom-built for the AAA to meet every need of our industry now and into the future. The system is easy to use, fast and convenient, with you, the member, able to conduct almost all transactions and updates yourself – whenever, wherever and on whatever device you prefer. eAlpaca will save you time and should also save you money. 

eAlpaca features: 

  • Enhanced online registration system, including electronic pedigree certificates. 
  • Online transfer of ownership of alpacas. 
  • Online self-management of alpaca and member details. 
  • Online herd management including cria registration and sire authorities. 
  • Online show entry system. 
  • Online management of the Q-Alpaca program.
  • In-breeding calculator.
  • Online transaction payments and electronic registration certificates.

What does eAlpaca do for me? 

  • As a member you can log in securely to your own member dashboard screen (which will work equally well on a desktop, laptop, mobile device or phone) to navigate simply around all the system’s functions. 
  • Cria registrations and sire authorities are quick and simple. 
  • Animal transfers are completed electronically, with the option for the transfer fee to be paid by the seller or the purchaser. As soon as a transfer is completed, the animal is moved to the purchaser’s herd. However, if the purchaser is due to pay the transfer fee, the animal will remain in a de-activated state until the fee is paid and transfer is completed. 
  • You can edit the details of an animal you own, for example, change its status or its colour; and also change its ownership to SOLD or EXPORTED. 
  • You can edit your own details, for example, address, phone number, email address. 
  • There is an entirely new and easy to use in-breeding calculator. 
  • If you are a member who participates in shows, you can do all your show entries on-line, see when upcoming shows are open for entries and view show results. And if you are someone who convenes shows, you can perform all the necessary functions around creating a show, accepting entries, producing catalogues, lists, score cards and labels via the system. 
  • You can make all payments on-line. 
  • You can track all your financial transactions, whether completed or in progress, along with every other transaction you conduct in eAlpaca.

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