AAA Youth, Educational and Associate Memberships

A combination of show events, competitions, workshops, and youth camps giving our youth members opportunities to further develop their husbandry and handling skills and knowledge in judging fleece and animal conformation.

Find out more about how youth can get involved in the alpaca industry and the types of membership we have available.

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Alpaca Youth Groups

Youth groups give our young members a space to engage, grow and have fun!

The AAA acknowledges their importance and aims to build these groups in each state

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Young Judges

The Young Judges Competition is an event for judging that offers significant personal and professional opportunities as well as the ability to network with and learn from industry leaders.

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Australian AlpacaYouth Education Committee

The AAA has established the Alpaca Youth and Education Committee (AYE) to create a structure to administer a program for young people under 25 who are interested in alpacas as a hobby or career. Leading breeders, judges and camelid veterinary experts are contributing to the youth of our industry through mentoring our youth members.

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School education resources

The AAA is working to improve and expand its education materials.

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Young handlers

For young alpaca enthusiasts with limited experience, young handler events at shows or workshops are a gateway for progression. This is a simpler version of a Young Paraders Stockmanship course. We supply animals, basic training, and a fun experience.

If you have further questions about these events, then please contact your state AYE Representative.

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Youth mentoring

The Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) would like to invite you, our members, to join our Australia-wide network of mentors for our young people (Youth) aged 7 to 26. This initiative aims to build the skills and industry connections of our youth, and to give mentors a chance to share their knowledge with others. We expect that mentor studs or other alpaca related premises will offer for students to come to their property at scheduled times. It is the responsibility of the mentor to educate their youth about the facts and responsibilities involved in owning alpacas such as on-farm safety, husbandry, halter training, and preparing products for sale (fleece, animals). A good mentor will include the youth in day-to-day farm activities and essential exercises, where possible.

National Youth Mentoring Information Sheet