NLIS for alpacas

NLIS is Australia’s system for the permanent identification and lifetime traceability of livestock, bringing together three simple concepts: 

  • identification of a physical location for the animal—known as the ‘property identification code’ (PIC) 
  • an animal identifier—a visual or electronic tag or brand, known as a ‘device’ 
  • a method of correlation and storage—a web-based database. 

The NLIS is designed to record device and PIC statuses and to track devices and corresponding livestock movements for disease control, biosecurity, food safety, market access and other industry related purposes. 

The system is now being implemented by the Australian alpaca and llama industry for biosecurity purposes. The NLIS Alpaca will use a visually readable electronic tag which will stay with each animal for life. 

This page will be updated as further information becomes available.