Alpaca Shows

Alpaca Shows

The AAA offers a national network of halter and fleece shows which enable breeders to compete and compare their achievements with other herds within a balanced and discerning framework.

Alpaca shows are an  integral segment of the industry that play an important role in keeping our industry strong and thriving. They provide an avenue for breeders to showcase the best of their breeding programs. Not only is it an opportunity to market stock, but the show ring also fosters social interaction. The shows are run to strict AAA rules which adhere to the accepted worldwide standards for showing alpacas and fleece.

In alpaca halter classes, the show entries are divided by breed (huacaya and suri), gender, age and colour category in order to set the classes. A judge will assess both conformation and fleece characteristics on each alpaca. Conformation takes into account the phenotype (physical appearance) and soundness of the alpaca. In general, the judge looks for evidence of positive traits and the absence of negative traits. Through visual and hands-on examination, a judge ranks a class on conformation traits and applies a 40% weight to this assessment.

As fibre bearing animals, the fleece producing capabilities of the alpaca is given priority in judgement. Whilst an alpaca must show general conformational soundness for the purpose of reproduction and longevity, It must also exhibit strength and merit as a fleece producer. With both huacaya and suri fleece, a judge is looking for the same general characteristics. Fineness (low micron), density, character (crimp in huacaya and lock structure in suri), brightness/lustre and lack of guard hair must all be expressed as evenly as possible across the alpaca.  Merit of the fleece is given a score weight of 60% at which time the judge takes into account both conformation and fleece for the final class placements.

First and second place winners in each class move up to further compete in their respective colour classes at the championship level.

A shorn alpaca fleece may also be entered at a fleece show. Each fleece is scored on a variety of criteria such as fineness and handle, brightness/lustre, crimp in huacaya and lock structure in suri, density, lack of guard hair, consistency across the whole fleece, and the weight of the shorn fleece. Each characteristic is given a score and then the fleeces are ranked.

Show Results

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Are you entering a show? This checklist will assist you!

Are you entering a show? This checklist will assist you!

  • Print out a copy of the Showing Rules for your reference available in the show resources area members’ portal on the AAA Website
  • Print out a copy of the AAA Event and Equipment Guidelines available in the show resources area members’ portal on the AAA Website
  • Check the IAR tag is correct
  • Check your alpaca’s front teeth are aligned with the top pad
  • Check your alpaca has a straight tail with no kinks
  • Check your alpaca’s ears are not banana shaped or folded in
  • Check your alpaca’s toenails are tidy and not overgrown
  • If male, check that he has two testicles
  • Check that there are no lice on your alpaca
  • Check your alpaca has good conformation
  • Check your alpaca’s legs are consistent with the showing rules, without faults

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What makes a show champion?

What to expect at your first alpaca show

The first step is show entry, which is done through eAlpaca.

  • Go through your alpacas and choose your best alpacas to show.
  •  Refer to the Show Rules from the members’ portal of the AAA website to have as a reference
  • You will need to check the following:
    • IAR tag
    • Conformation (check the breed standard in the Showing Rules)
    • Alpaca’s front teeth – aligned with the top pad
    • Alpaca’s toenails – trimmed and not overgrown
    • Ears – correct and not banana shaped or folded in
    • In a male, two testicles should be present\
    • Tail – straight – not kinked
    • Fleece should be burr free and as free from vegetation as possible

When you arrive at your show:

  • Park and find out where your pens are
  • Walk your alpacas in and set them up with food and water
  • Collect your bag and showing numbers
  • Prepare your numbers in your arm bands
  • Check the catalogue and make sure your alpacas are all in the correct classes

At the show

  • Speak to as many breeders as possible, you will learn so much from fellow breeders through conversation
  • Sit back, relax, watch, learn and enjoy your first show.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask people anything you’re not sure of – the show ring is an extremely enjoyable, social aspect of breeding alpacas.

Upcoming shows

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National Show Supreme Champions

2019 Supreme Champion Suri Baarrooka Fa Lisbonwith L-R: Judges Peter Kennedy-Gane and Natasha Clark, breeder Julie Wilkinson and sponsor Linda Davies. CREDIT:Exclusive Images

2019 Supreme Champion Huacaya Dural Tiny Dancer Breeder Kurtis Parker (left) and judges Peter Kennedy-Gane (back) and Natasha Clark (right) CREDIT: Exclusive Images

2018 supreme huacaya