Alpaca youth groups

Alpaca youth groups

Youth Groups give our young members (under 26 years old) a space to engage, grow and have fun.

They organise events and training for youth by youth, with support from the wider membership. The AAA acknowledges their importance and aims to build these groups in each state. Currently all states have youth activities and members but not all have a formal Youth Group.

Contact your nearest group, region, or AYE Representative for more detail.

Youth Group FAQs

What is a youth group?

A Youth Group is a collective of any member under the age of 26 years. The purpose of the Youth Group is to create representation and foster Youth in the Company.

Youth Groups have been modelled on the various Regions within the Company, with the Youth Group Governing Rules aligned closely with the Regional Regulations.

In most circumstances, there is one Youth Group per state.

Is there a minimum number of members needed to start a Youth Group?

The minimum number of members to start a Youth Group is 5 members.

This is because the quorum of a Youth Meeting is the lesser of either;

  • 10 members of the Youth Group, or
  • 2 Youth Committee members and 3 general members of the Youth Group.

This is because you need a quorum to convene meetings, and there are a minimum number of meetings per year.

What membership do I need to join a Youth Group?

Youth Group members may be any Member (Full, Joint, Associate, Family or Youth member including student of an Educational Member organisation) of the Company under 26 years of age.

Date of Birth will need to be recorded with the Company.

Mentor members (aged over 25) may be elected by the Youth Group to shadow Youth Committee roles or Youth Executive roles due to vacancy, with no voting rights.

Do I have to join the Youth Group in my state?

The Youth Group member can be a member of any one Youth Group, not necessarily in the state that they live. It’s not compulsory to be a member of a Youth Group.

Can I be a member of a Youth Group and a Region?

Permitted to be a member of a Region and a Youth Group, but not multiple Youth Groups.

Can I have a say in what the Youth Group does?

All members of a Youth Group can vote at Youth Group meetings.  You can also be part of your groups Youth Committee who have more responsibilities to keep the Youth Group running and meeting its formal responsibilities.

One representative from the Youth Executive to attend the Council meeting remotely, with Regional Presidents and Board to share their voice.

What is a mentor member or shadow committee member?

Mentor members (aged over 25) may be elected to shadow Youth Committee roles, with no voting rights by the Youth Group.

Mentor members (aged over 25) allowed to be elected to vacancies within the Youth Executive with voting rights. These roles are included to provide stability year on year as members of the Youth Group change, are too busy to administer the group, and the opportunity for direct guidance from members with more experience.

Allows for convenors of Youth Events to continue to be undertaken by adult members, on behalf of the Youth Group.

What are the Youth Group Governing Rules?

The Youth Group Governing Rules describe the functions, limitations, and rules of the Youth Group, it’s members and committee.  These rules have been approved by the Board to establish formal structure and include these Groups into the Association, like regional Regulations.

Youth Committee FAQs

What is a Youth Committee member?

A Youth Committee member is an elected official representing the Youth Group members. They are nominated and elected via the Annual Youth Meeting.

Is there a minimum and maximum Youth Committee size? What roles need to be filled?

A Youth Committee member is an elected official representing the Youth Group members. They are nominated and elected via the Annual Youth Meeting.

At a minimum there should be 3 Executive committee members (of Youth President, Youth Vice-President, Youth Secretary and Youth Treasurer) who all have to be members/over the age of 17.

There should be a maximum of 9 committee members in total (no minimum age limit), excluding mentors shadow Youth Committee members.

One representative from the Youth Executive to attend the Council meeting remotely, with Regional Presidents and Board to share their voice.

What are the requirements of a Youth committee member? What about the adult mentors?

The Youth Committee and the Youth Executive between meetings of the Youth Committee, may manage, promote the activities, and advance the purposes of the Company.

Minimum number of two Ordinary Youth Meetings to be convened in between the minimum of one Annual Youth Meeting per calendar year.

Mentors, over the age of 25 years, are elected by the Youth Group to assist an existing Youth Committee or fulfill a vacancy within the Youth Executive Committee.

How long can I serve on the committee for?

Each committee member requires to be renominated and elected at each Annual Youth Meeting. There is no maximum term.

What happens after I turn 26?

Members over the age of 25 are no longer eligible to be members of a Youth Group but may continue to be involved in a “mentor” capacity.

Do I need a Working with Children Check?

All Youth Committee members and volunteers, over the relevant in age in their state, as detailed below, are expected to adhere to the AAA Policy

Children are excluded if they are under:

16 in the ACT, Tasmania

18 in New South Wales & Victoria & Queensland

14 in South Australia

15 in the Northern Territory

The checks are free except for Tasmania which is $19.22 and Western Australia which is $11.00.

Contact your local youth group

New South Wales Alpaca Youth

The NSW Alpaca Youth Group is the first established and longest running alpaca youth group in Australia. Since 2012 the NSW Alpaca Youth Committee have been working to encourage and develop youth involvement to create a brighter future for the Australian Alpaca Industry.

The NSW Youth Group is dedicated to equipping it’s members with the tools to become hard working, enthusiastic and knowledgeable members of the alpaca industry. We cater for all experience levels and interests – from first time Young Parader participants to stimulating members interests in meat and fleece production, general farm practice and all aspects of animal husbandry.




Tasmanian Alpaca Youth

under construction

South Australian Alpaca Youth

Email –


Youth group governing rules