Show resources

Show resources

The AAA offers a national network of shows which enable breeders to compete and compare their achievements with other herds within a balanced and discerning framework. 

The shows are run to strict AAA rules which adhere to the accepted worldwide standards for showing alpacas and fleece.


Showing breed standards 

The AAA Breed Standard outlines the ideal traits of alpacas that identify the highest quality animals, assisting breeders and judges in identifying prize-winning animals. These standards also indicated animals that are healthy, well-proportioned and most likely to produce consistent and high quality fleece.

Important traits to look for are a consistent fleecing from head down to the legs, with a strong upright stance, it’s neck blending smoothly from the head to shoulder with no bends in the neck itself. The chest should be broad and well-fleshed, and the body deep through the girth with a strong back and board back barrel.

Aside from the body, the fleece also has a detailed range of standards and ideals, varying between huacaya and suri.

There are also characteristics that would result in disqualification from shows, which breeders carefully avoid.