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The AAA licenses the use of a “Guaranteed Australian Alpaca” logo for products that contain alpaca from Australia, are completely made in Australia (i.e. fleece, hide or meat has not left Australia) and are in a form which is considered a commercial product (i.e. not bales of fleece).

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Guaranteed Australian Alpaca Licence Holders

Ora Designz

Ora Designz

ORA Alpaca Knitwear (ORA Designz) is becoming known for specializing in the creative use of Australian Alpaca natural fibre for bespoke and One of Kind knitwear and accessories for men and women.

Alpaca fibre is considered one of the most luxurious fibres in the world and with the development of the Australian alpaca industry, this premium fibre is at our fingertips.

Why Alpaca?

The attributes of alpaca fibre are exceptional – lustre, “handle” of silky softness, light weight and warmth, moisture wicking ability and resistance to odours. It is also known for its flame and water resistance, strength, durability, lower prickle factor, hypoallergenic qualities and a wide range of natural colours with all the tones in between. Alpaca is the only fibre producing animal to produce true black fleece.

These important textile qualities, coupled with the well-known environmental friendliness of the alpaca and minimal scouring requirement of the fleece, result in a textile with extraordinary credentials. Those being sustainability, longevity giving the wearer a celebration of the divine and luxurious elegance that is alpaca.

ORA Alpaca Knitwear evolved through a passion for natural fibres, in particular alpaca, creativity and a heritage of familial textile production – the production of Irish Linen in the 1800 and 1900’s in Northern Ireland, millinery and tailoring in the early 1900’s in Singapore and Perth, Western Australia.

In the creation of ORA Alpaca Knitwear, the attributes of alpaca are very much part the garment design process. These attributes include the lustre, comfort factor and drape when used in knitted or crocheted pieces. Selecting alpaca fibre for wet felted products is more challenging as each fleece behaves differently in the fulling process, this adds to the individuality of design.

Alpaca fibre from Windella Alpacas and Goldleaf Alpaca studs in the south west of Western Australia is the predominant fibre used in the exclusive range of ORA’s designs and ORA Signature Yarns. The genetics of these studs adds to the individuality of the fleece used by ORA. Fleeces are carefully hand selected and hand processed. The yarn is hand spun to create Ora’s Signature Yarns. Both huacaya and suri are used in the production of these yarns. To add to the opulence of Ora’s Signature Yarn, other luxury fibres are often used, these include vintage Irish Linen, Qiviut, Silks, Cashmere, Kid Mohair and fine Western Australian Merino. All Ora Signature yarns are specifically hand spun for bespoke commissions and can be hand dyed on request.

Alpaca dyes well and this extends the colour palette for textile production.

One of ORA Alpaca Knitwear’s specialties is bespoke Commissions. Commissions are created with comprehensive consultation with the client, from fleece choice to finished design.

ORA Alpaca Knitwear is proud of the OOAK (One of a Kind Knitwear) range for Men and Women, including cowls, scarves, sweaters, alpaca hand felted hats and knit hats.

ORA Designz has recently been licensed by the Australian Fibre Collective for their exclusive Australian natural fibre products.

The ever-changing range of ORA Alpaca Knitwear and Accessories is available by appointment at the ORA Alpaca Knitwear Studio in Two Rocks, Western Australia.

To arrange an appointment to view the range or a consultation for a commission:

All enquiries to Jo Rhodes

Onyx Alpacas

Onyx Alpacas

We breed black alpacas. This is partly because our farm is in surrounded by temperate rainforest in the wettest part of Victoria.  When we decided to farm alpacas we didn’t have the heart to rear white ones only to see them become dark brown in the mud in winter. Farming black alpacas has not been a great value proposition against that of breeding white animals but our theory has always been that there could be a market advantage to breeding fleece that didn’t need to be dyed. Fifty percent of the world’s fashion products are black and the world’s leading fashion countries are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. There must come a time when the demand for black alpaca fleece will outstrip supply.

It hasn’t happened yet but the signs are there. We now sell all the black huacaya fleece under 26 micron that we can produce to Australian and New Zealand manufacturers.  Selling black suri fleece has been harder until recently so we decided to start having product manufactured for sale under our own label. Our black suris are bred from the original Wyterrica suri herd of mixed colours so we have a few fawn and brown suri females as well as the core black suris.  We engaged Alisdair and Belinda Chew of Wool 2 Yarn at Mornington in Victoria to spin up some fine, 100% suri yarn from our fleece and to manufacture some sample wraps and scarves for us. When the opportunity to licence the AAA swing tag came up we thought it was an excellent idea and would give our product, as we developed it, a boost.

We are still at the developmental stage but are looking forward to producing small and large garments made in Australia from our suri fibre in the future and using the swing tag on all of them.

John & Sue Harris

Photo 1 Wrap – Natural black 100% suri yarn, machine knitted

Photo 2 Scarf – Natural fawn 100% suri yarn, machine knitted

Carinya Park

Carinya Park Alpacas is located at The Branch in the Karuah Valley in NSW.  It is owned and operated by Warren Atkinson and Sue Just.  We acquired our first alpacas in the early 1990s comprising animals imported from South America. The herd has been developed and improved using sires from proven elite bloodlines.

Using fibre from our herd we have produced a range of handmade crafted alpaca garments and toys.  The fleece from our alpacas is spun by a mill located in central western NSW.  At the same time we have established a network of local craft lovers in Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley who knit and crochet the yarn creating a variety of garments, toys and other items.  All items use yarn with natural colours that is no dye or other colouring is used.  We consider our market to be people who are seeking locally sourced and produced items.

The merchandise is currently available for sale at a local artisan shop located in Port Stephens and other markets within Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley are currently being developed.  The AAA Guaranteed Australian Alpaca tags provide confirmation to buyers that the items are produced within Australia sourced from Australian alpacas.

Clifden Alpacas

Clifden alpacas is the home of a boutique herd of black huacaya alpacas, including Archie, the popular star of 2 delightful children’s stories.

As well as the archie books, our alpaca merchandise collection showcases gorgeous alpaca yarn, knitting kits, scarves and cowls – home grown and created on farm in West Gippsland. We are extremely proud that the fleece we produce is skirted on farm and expertly processed at echo beach fibre processing mill in South Australia, making it truly a pure Australian product.

The luxurious Clifden yarn is available in both 4 ply and 8ply 100 gm balls, in true black, cocoa black and grey colourways. Pure alpaca yarn is light, warm and hypoallergenic, and an absolute dream to knit!





M: 0408 827 896




Adagio Mills

Sustainable fashion, 100% Australian made, 100% Australian Alpaca Fibre, Garments as soft as an alpaca hug.

Adagio Mills is the dream of Andrew and Nadine Hulme that became a reality in 2015. Adagio are a small company located in Orange, NSW strongly committed to supporting Australian fibre growers and creating local employment.

Adagio mills process raw alpaca fibre to finished garment all in one place. Fashion, yard, knitting and crochet packs, rovings and care products.

Read about the fibre growers that supply to Adagio Mills


The Alpaca Shoppe

Tasmanian Grown and Made, all Australian. Local alpaca craft

Deloraine Tasmania



Mapa Alpacas

Yarn  made from our own animals on the farm and produced into yarn by local mill.
The labels show the animal the yarn came from and year to make reordering easier.

$30 per skein – Skeins are 100 gram and 8 ply

We are located on Yass River Road however can delivery in Fyshwick otherwise postage at buyers expense 


  • Adult beanies
  • baby hats
  • baby booties, and
  • adult wraps

from 100% homespun alpaca, handknitted

contact Maree Connell


Fibre Naturally AlpacaWoollen Mill

Nestled between rolling hills and fern lined valleys in a place where time stands still, Fibre Naturally is expertly weaving the past and present together.

Here, three generations of family work side by side to process luxurious Australian alpaca fleece into our Boutique range of alpaca yarns, knits, scarves and blankets which are grown, harvested, processed sustainably and ethically, and crafted in Australia by Fibre Naturally Alpaca Woollen Mill located on farm at Glenavon Alpaca Stud, and sold through our on farm shop under the brand of Alpaca Allure.

Alpaca Allure products are exclusively made from natural and hand painted 100% Australian alpaca or artisan blends.

We use only the finest quality super fine alpaca specially selected from our herd of 100 alpacas or sourced from other select farms using our stringent quality specifications.

Fibre Naturally also processes alpaca fibre on consignment for outside clients.


Jaff Designs/JenEric Alpaca Farm


JenEric Alpaca Farm breeds Suri Alpacas because their fleeces are prized by weavers and fashion designers for their longer and silkier fibres. We concentrate on white, but have other colours as well, with well-bred stock from Australian champion heritage and genetics.

Our fleeces are milled and spun in Australia into 4, 5 and 8 ply yarns, handwoven into wraps, ponchos, scarves and other garments by Australian weavers and knitters. We are proud to breed Australian grown Alpacas and be Australian made producers.

Our continuing goal is to provide high-quality fleece and well-bred animals for the growing Suri Alpaca market from a biosecure, regenerative farm nestled in the beautiful Northern Rivers area of NSW.

The decision to breed the high-quality Suri Alpacas meant we also had to ensure our farm was biosecure. This process involved a program of exclusion of parasites and chemical threats to our paddocks and working areas. It enabled us to be certified as a biosecure property, and also established the farm as a Q-Alpaca breeding stud. Whenever we sell or transfer stock, we can provide new owners with parasite-free, healthy, well-fed animals. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our Suris is a priority of our breeding strategy.

For more information on JenEric Alpacas or a closeup of our garments, take a browse through

Contact Jenny Masters at

Or call mobile 0412 311 824 or Eric Masters on 0478 668 014

Wattle Grove

Yarns of various plys spun from fleece grown at Wattle Grove Alpacas and processed in Victoria by a mini mill

Rovings of fleece grown at Wattle Grove Alpacas and processed in Victoria by a mini mill

Hand knitted and crocheted alpaca garments

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