Young Judges

Young Judges

The Young Judges Competition is an event in the show case of alpaca activities, designed specifically and exclusively for young people between seven and 22 years of age.

Our youth are the future of our industries and our communities. It is imperative that we foster the development of judging skills and knowledge of young alpaca enthusiasts to ensure a selection of experienced judges for future alpaca shows.

Young Judges also offer significant personal and professional opportunities as well as the ability to network with and learn from industry leaders.

Developing skills such as public speaking, gaining personal confidence, creating interest and skills in agricultural careers, provides a great platform for young people to become involved in the alpaca industry.

Progression through the parader program leads onto our young judges competition where our youth are taught a more in depth method of appraising animals and judging them for particular traits, weighing up good and bad and placing animals as a AAA halter judge would.

We encourage this step as it is a great way to learn with more in depth detail.  Not all our youth desire to be judges, however, we still encourage it as it has great benefit if they desire to become breeders, shearers, farm hands etc.  this also assists them with many other life skills.

It is not a requirement that our young judges become AAA halter judges however if desired it can lead onto that.  This section of the youth education is worked very closely with the AAA-SJC.