Holland Festival

As part of the VERs relationship with the Berwick Show grounds at Akoona Park and our continued association with past Treasurer Russell Hays and the Rotary Club of Casey we have been able to secure some outstanding outside space at the upcoming Holland Festival on the 16th of March 2019 at Akoonah Park .

There will be space for animals (AAA Panels will be available on site free of charge) to be sold or displayed. There will also be enough space for about 10 - 3 x 3 metre Retail spaces. (You will need to bring your own trestle table and/or pop up gazebo.)
Speaking to the organiser Paul Rubens he indicated there were about 6 to 7 thousand people go through the event last year. He said that those that attend are predominantly of Dutch decent and are well off and happy to spend money on products. So he and I believe there is a great opportunity to sell quality merchandise and potentially animals.
I believe that with a good display of animals and alpaca product there will be many sales to be made.
The best part of the Holland Festival is it's free of charge, I repeat it's free of charge. What Paul Rubens from Rotary has asked is that if you have a great day selling product you make a great donation to Rotary (via the VER,) if you have a poor day your donation will reflect that result.
We are now offering this opportunity to all AAA members. If you are interested and want some space to promote and or sell your products or animals please let me know by the 19th February VER.treasurer@gmail.com
For your reference please see the email I received from Paul last week.
Hi Nic,
We had 6500 free spending visitors last time and it is looking stronger this time.. To give you an idea, SBS today agreed to do a full day OB their with a live hour from 11 - noon..  Our deadline would 20/2.. Hope you can make that… You can go to our website and see that there are about 100 participants..  and 120 performers in bands, orchestras, choirs etc…. details at https://www.hollandfestival.org.au/merchants/ and then https://www.hollandfestival.org.au/programme/

Event Properties

Event Date 16-Mar-2019
Event End Date 16-Mar-2019
Registration Start Date 01-Feb-2019
Location Berwick Showground

Location Map