AAA Parader Judges

Level 1 Parader Judges

Jillian Holmes


Jillian has run her stud with husband Russell since 1998 and has been successfully been showing and breeding a herd of approximately 100 suri and huacaya alpacas of all colours in Kyneton Victoria.

Jillian commenced alpaca judging in 2012. She attained her level 2 status in 214. She has judged many shows across Australia and is a keen advocate that showing is to be fun and educational for both exhibitors and spectators.

In addition to her alpaca passion and judging, Jillian has two teenage sons to help keep her busy with their motorbike racing, soccer and air force cadet commitments. She also breeds and shows British bulldogs and Bengal cats. Jillian is a qualified dog and cat groomer and runs her own grooming salon and shop.


Louise Lazarus


Taryan Mathews


Taryan, alongside her husband, Max and parents, Erika and Con, run a stud of 600 head alpacas in Baynton, Victoria culminating many years and two generations of alpaca breeding and experience.

Taryan has dedicated herself to the alpaca industry, working with members across the country to help ensure a robust and vibrant future for alpacas in Australia. She has a passion for breeding the highest quality fibre and strongly conformed alpacas in all colours, with a view to produce colours consistently as advanced in their fibre traits as their white counterparts.

She also has a love for medical and veterinary sciences and hopes to one day complete alpaca-specific research into health issues affecting Australian alpacas.


Cheryl Cochrane



Parader Judge Appointments


Apprentice Youth Parader Judge at the Royal Toowoomba Show, The Caves Agricultural Society Show, Royal Queensland Show (Qld); Camden Show (NSW), AAA National Show in Bendigo; as well as attending the Youth Parader Workshops prior to the Camden Show and after the AAA National Show in Bendigo.

2015 to 2018:

  • Queensland: Royal Toowoomba Show (numerous); The Caves Show (2015); Alpacas on Show – Colourbration Caboolture (2015 & 2016); Bundaberg Agro-Trend Show; Royal Queensland Show; AYE Parader Workshop & Competition at Maleny, Qld (2018) – assisted by Apprentice Hannah Doyle; AYE Queensland Camp – Workshop & Competition (2018) – assisted by Apprentice Hannah Doyle.
  • NSW: Sydney Royal (2015) co-judged with Heather Burn; Castle Hill Show (2015)
  • Victoria: Royal Melbourne (Sept 2017)
  • National: AAA National Show, Bendigo (2017) – assisted by a number of Apprentices: Jonee Phillips, Hannah Doyle, Rachel Burnett


  • NSW: Sydney Royal – co-judged with Mick Williams; assisted with mentoring Bronwen Munn (Dual Judge)
  • Victoria: Royal Melbourne (Sept/Oct) – assisted by a number of Apprentices (need to speak with Louise as to their names)
  • Queensland:
    • Gin Gin Special Needs Camp (Mar) – ran a Parader Workshop & Competition; assisted by Apprentice Katelyn Holznagel
    • AgroTrend, Bundaberg – Judge was Courtney Gordon; Courtney and I mentored Adrienne Clarke (Dual Judge); Apprentice was Katelyn Holznagel for Preliminary Division
    • Royal Queensland Show, Brisbane (Aug) – assisted by Apprentice Katelyn Holznagel


Culminated Years of Judging – 5 years

Alpaca Industry / Youth Mentoring Experience

  • Since 2009 – Assisted facilitating private workshops for new breeders entering the Alpaca Industry.
  • Late 2012 – One of the 3 mentor breeders for the “Capricorn Camelid Club” – mentoring youth in the fundamentals of alpaca husbandry through to showing alpacas, junior handlers / paraders and junior judging events. The Capricorn Camelid Club (CCC) officially started in January 2013 with the students successfully participating at a number of Queensland Regional and Royal shows, and the AAA National Shows.  In turn, the CCC members have enabled a number of Central Queensland breeders to increase their show team numbers at the Queensland Regional Shows as the CCC have been available to handle the additional alpacas into the show ring.
  • 2013 – On the organising committee for the Inaugural Alpaca Show at The Caves Progress and Agricultural Society Show. The show was a success with having a team of 32 helpers to run the event, an International Alpaca Judge review the 121 alpacas shown, sponsorship incurring a profit in excess of $3,000 – thereby enabling cash prizes. In 2014 The Caves Alpaca Show was endorsed by the AAA Queensland Region and a Fleece section, Alpaca Paraders and Junior Judges events added to the programme; in 2015 a craft and photography section was added.
  • 2013 – Premium Alpaca: Attended three workshops to enable quality assurance collection and skirting of fleece. In 2014 this involved learning how to shear the “saddle first” method.
  • 2013 – Showing & Convening course.
  • 2014 to present – Sponsor Youth Parader or Youth Judges events (approximately $500) at two Queensland Region Alpaca Show per year.
  • 2015-2016 – AAA Qld Region Education Officer – assisted in organising fleece skirting workshop and faecal egg testing workshop.
  • 2016 – Running Alpaca Industry display / education at Ag-Force programme “Ag-Connect Junior” at Brisbane and Kingaroy Qld for junior and high school students.
  • 2016 – Organised Australia Alpaca Youth Parader workshops at Brisbane and Rockhampton.
  • 2016 – Present – Organised training / Youth Parader promotions and education before the Queensland Regional Shows at Bundaberg, Caboolture and Royal Queensland Shows. This has seen an increase in Youth Parader competitor numbers from 4 to 22 (eg Royal Queensland 2017).
  • 2016 – Present – Introduced schools to mentor breeders.
  • 2016 to June 2019: Represented Queensland on –
    • Alpaca Youth Development Committee; and then
    • Alpaca Youth Education Committee – resigned in May 2019.
  • 2015 – 2017: Supported and financially contributed to the private research study on nutrition in alpacas – started blood tests on herd at Nerimbera to contribute to the nutrition study.

Level 2

Rachel Burnett


Level 3

Bill Burnett



Bill Burnett

State/Region: Victoria Eastern Region

Culminated years of judging: 1 year

Recent judging appointments:

  • Redhill Show 2019
  • Redhill 2018
  • Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show July 2018
  • National Bendigo Aug 2018
  • Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show Sept 2018
  • Geelong Oct 2018
Adrienne Clarke


Adrienne Clarke began breeding alpacas in 1992. She is tertiary educated, but attributes much of her alpaca knowledge and expertise to her 25 years of hands-on involvement with the alpacas. With her husband and family, she runs around 1,200 alpacas  in Mount Compass, South Australia .

Adrienne enjoys the challenge of herd improvement, based upon trait quantification and her background in statistics. She also has a particular passion for breeding alpacas with the appaloosa coat colour, and has studied the genetics behind its inheritance to improve predictability.

Adrienne is a dedicated member of the SA Region.  She takes a keen interest in education, and both nationally and internationally, has conducted training programs to assist breeders with alpaca birthing complications. She is a recipient of the Alpaca Association’s Certificate of Appreciation for service to the alpaca industry.

Outside her alpaca interests, Adrienne is employed as a Station Officer with the Metropolitan Fire Service, and was South Australia’s first female professional firefighter. In this capacity, Adrienne received a national award for service to the community.

Bronwyn Munn

Bronwyn, along with her husband Andrew established their stud in 2003. They own and manage a herd of over 300 huacaya and suri alpacas on their property at Warrenbayne in north east Victoria. Both Bronwyn and Andrew are actively involved in showing their alpacas, their stud has successfully competed at a number of regional shows on the east coast and has regularly been rewarded at Royal Show and National Show level.

During her early working career Bronwyn spent 10 years in the Australian Regular Army where she met her husband Andrew. Whilst Bronwyn is employed full-time off farm, she spends her spare time working with the alpacas, accessing the herd against the breed standard and is dedicated to refining and improving their breeding objectives.  In 2016 Bronwyn was trained as an Alpaca ET Technician.

Bronwyn has a passion for all things alpaca and she enjoys photography, drawing, art and working with the exquisite qualities of the alpaca fibre. Bronwyn appreciates the camaraderie of fellow alpaca breeders and feels extremely privileged every time she has the opportunity to judge both animals and fleece in the show ring.