NLIS – National Livestock Identification System

NLIS Business Rules

NLIS Alpaca and Llama Business Rules_July 2023


An NLIS tag is a tag for life and should never be removed from an alpaca. This is why the back of the tag is stamped DO NOT REMOVE.

When do I need to put an NLIS tag in my alpaca?

Eventually NLIS tags will be compulsory and every alpaca must have an NLIS tag before it leaves your property.

It is strongly recommended that you put in the NLIS tag at the time of registration.

My alpaca has lost its tag – what do I do?:
  • If you did not breed the alpaca – use a pink “post breeder”
  • If you bred the alpaca, on the property you are currently on, you can replace it with the next tag in your batch.
  • If you bred it before you moved to your current property, you can either use a pink “post breeder” tag – or, if you still have tags left from your old property (where the animal was born), you can replace with one of these.

In all cases, don’t forget to change the tag number against the registration in eAlpaca.

I have moved from Property A to Property B. What do I do with the tags I have left from Property A.
  • You cannot use these tags for animals born on Property
  • You can use these tags to replace lost tags from animals born on Property
I want to buy an alpaca that does not have an NLIS tag.
  • The current owner should be inserting an NLIS (Once NLIS tags are compulsory, they MUST insert an NLIS tag).
  • Prior to NLIS tags being compulsory, you may insert a pink “post breeder” tag at the point of
Why do I have to purchase my NLIS tags through the AAA?
  • There is an NLIS levy on all The levy on alpaca tags is paid by the Alpaca Association so these tags are cheaper than sheep and cattle NLIS tags.
  • Consistency of tagging
  • AAA will ultimately have a greater understanding of the number of alpacas in Australia and their distribution.
  • Once NLIS tags are compulsory, transfers on NLIS and in eAlpaca will be linked saving time in the transfer process and this will not be possible if you have used sheep or cattle NLIS
Does my alpaca need an NLIS tag to go to a show?

Currently your alpacas do not need an NLIS tag to attend shows.

Do I need to be a member to purchase NLIS tags?

No you do not need to be a member to purchase these tags.

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