Transfers now available in eAlpaca

eAlpaca has now been live for a week and a big thank you to all who have provided valuable feedback which has enabled us to continue tweaking the system and ironing out the inevitable small bugs as they arise. 

With cria registrations, sire authorities and memberships now running relatively smoothly, we are able to open up the next major phase –TRANSFERS.  Please note that you cannot yet add/remove multiple owners or record leases – these will be the next features to be released soon...

As you begin to use this functionality, please contact either your regional trainer or myself ( or 02 4878 9310) if you have any problems (up to 8pm EST at night for phone calls please).  This allows us to either help you or feedback technical problems to the Simplify Solutions team.  Please try to resist contacting the AAA office staff, who are themselves very busy learning and testing the new system!


  • Video clips/Quick Reference Guides are also available on eAlpaca when you login