New Fee Schedule and Update on launch of eAlpaca

All AAA members should now have received an email announcing the revised fees for registrations, transfers and other registry functions, to apply from 15 August 2017.  The new fee schedules are available to download in the Members Section.

There are two versions of the fee schedule:  “Interim fees” to apply from 15 August until the launch of eAlpaca; fees to apply from the launch of eAlpaca.  The reason for these two variations is to accommodate the new features which can only be applied after eAlpaca is launched (particularly in relation to the new class of Inactive Male and the application of automatically discounted bulk registration fees).

Revised launch of eAlpaca

After discussion between AAA and the eAlpaca development team, a decision was taken to adjust the launch date of eAlpaca, which will now occur between mid-October to early November 2017.  The slippage in what was already a very tight timeline was mainly caused by the high workload required to introduce the Show Entry module of eAlpaca in time for the Australian Alpaca Spectacular; the Show Entry system has worked exceptionally well, both for exhibitors and the Convenors.

The eAlpaca team are now working hard on back-end functions of the program for office staff and detailed financial reporting, and are undertaking extensive testing to ensure every part of the system works robustly once we do go live.  In the meantime, transactions will continue to be processed via the ABRI system.

Although it is naturally a disappointment that we have a slight delay in the launch of eAlpaca, we are all very excited about what is to come and know that all members who have so far interacted with eAlpaca at the many demonstrations around the country feel the same as we do.

Look out for further announcements as we get closer to the launch.

Further Information

For further information log in to the Members Section and go to the page on “eAlpaca Registry” (NB: you will need to be logged in as a Member to view this page.)”