AAA Alpunka Member Exclusive

Our runaway hit “Alpunka” hats and scarves were designed exclusively for the Australian Alpaca Association membership, and are a fun, memorable way to hero the soft luxury of pure Australian Alpaca fibre. 

As a member of the Australian Alpaca Association, you are entitled to use this exclusive pattern as a promotional device to inspire more knitters to put some Australian Alpaca across their needles.
We have re-designed the Alpunka pattern into a sleek double-sided A4 that is free for members to print and gift: it’s a particularly effective tool for driving sales bundled with the required yarn into your custom kit to produce the pieces.
The designs are by renowned knitting designer Loani Prior of “Queen of the Tea Cosies” fame.  The pattern is constantly sought wherever the Australian Alpaca Showcase and its Alpunka Magazine Selfie activation appears.
Remember:  The pattern is FREE for you to use as a current AAA member.  It can be gifted by you to others for free, with or without product purchase, but cannot be sold separately.  Alpunka hats & scarves are also not for separate sale without prior agreement of the artist.
Your link to download this free, fast-print A4 double sided knitting pattern is below.
These images below are available for social media use to promote your knitting kits. Simply click on the image to download a larger version for your use.
Find out more about Loani Prior at, or follow her on Facebook to experience the Tea Cosy magic and let her know you’re doing your best to “breed” more Alpunkas.  Connect with Loani to share your Alpunka news, she’d love to hear from you.  Tag your Alpunka online activity to add to the fun:  #alpunka #australianalpaca #alpaca
Need more info?  Contact for details.
Happy Alpunka-ing.  We’d love to see the work you’re doing – share the details online, and if posting, remember to include #AustralianAlpaca #Alpaca #Alpunka, to help build the story.