Protocols for AAA shows and events

Update and review of the COVID Safety Protocols for AAA Shows:

The AAA COVID Safety Protocol has been updated to reflect the changing requirements and reduced restrictions relating to COVID imposed by the State Governments. Though there is still a requirement in some states to have a COVID plan for specific businesses, such as nightclubs, and for certain organised events, such as markets and music events, these requirements do not relate to AAA shows. The Convenor or organiser of any event should still ensure that their event complies with the current protocols imposed in their state.

The following recommendations remain in effect from the AAA:

  • Details of State imposed COVID safety precautions and reminders to be available and those precautions to be complied with at all AAA events;
  • Continue to wear masks when within 1.5 metre proximity of others, such as in the show ring;
  • That hand shaking be avoided to ensure COVID safety (elbow bumping is still the recommended alternative);
  • Event organisers, Convenors and Judges continue to have the capacity on the AAA’s behalf to ensure a safe environment for all involved. Any request from a Judge or a Convenor, such as to stand a further distance away, use hand sanitiser or wear a mask, should be respected. The show or event schedule will specify any additional COVID requirements within eAlpaca.

The attached posters are from the Australian Government Website however each state has similar posters available on their websites. It is recommended that the most current version of these are utilised at events by Convenors or Event organisers. resources#posters or comparable resources relevant to their state.

Shearing During COVID-19

All alpaca businesses must assess the risks associated with exposure to COVID-19 and implement control measures. For the alpaca industry, shearing is an essential service/practice and unlike shows cannot be canceled. Therefore the AAA recommends that all farmers assess the risk that COVID-19 presents to the health and safety of yourselves and your workers and implement control measures to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The AAA has prepared a set of shearing guidelines to assist members and their contractors to stay COVID safe during shearing season.

Each farmer should complete the “Shearer Essential Service Sample Letter” ( modify if they wish) on your own letterhead  Shearer Essential Service Sample Letter

Keep a record of names and mobile number or email address of all workers for 28 days using an activity register such as this – Shearer Covid-19 Activity Register