26 Jun Revision of the Alpaca Fleece Classing Code of Practice

Revision of the Alpaca Fleece Classing Code of Practice is underway and will be ready for the AWEX Board to review and ratify for the 2021 Edition 3 of our Alpaca Fleece Classing Code of Practice (COP).  With these revisions,the AAA will be in line with AWEX Sheep Code of Practice – a big step in the right direction for us!

Julie Hockings has undertaken the bulk of the heavy lifting with this review.  Her knowledge of our fibre and the commitment of time she has given this review is to be applauded.  We look to her continued assistance during the evolution of these changes.

AWEX Review Timeline – The current COP and the Discussion Paper for Changes will be circulated to all Registered Classers for feedback.  This should be distributed in the first week of July 2020.  Classers will have until 31 July 2020 to submit their feedback.  Fleece Grower/Breeder feedback is critical for AWEX, therefore we would welcome growers who would like to participate in this revision process.  Once again feedback will be open 01 July 2020 – 31 July 2020.  All interested bodies should register your interest via email to:  mick @alapca.asn.au. Classing Houses – As a part of the revision process it is also a requirement to obtain feedback from customers.  AWEX have a scheduled set of anonymous questions and these will be forwarded to each Classing Houses for completion.

At the end of feedback timelines as articulated above, it is anticipated that a revision of the COP will be finalised by August 2020 for Board approval.  Following Board endorsement, the COP is then sent to AWEX for the final stage of the process.

Further information – Board Director Mick Williams mick@alpaca.asn.au

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