20 Dec Market Access Update

As previously advised, negotiations between the Australian Government (DAWE) and the New Zealand Government (MPI) have been ongoing in relation to re-opening the export pathway to New Zealand.

Whilst negotiations are proceeding in a positive manner, it would be irresponsible of the AAA to provide a running commentary until an official position is reached.  To do so would be counterproductive to the sensitive negotiations between the two countries.

However, the AAA does want to clarify the following points in the interest of our membership:

  • there are still a number of issues to be negotiated before a final, mutually agreed position between Australia and New Zealand, is reached.
  • It is impossible to stipulate an expected timeframe when a mutually agreed resolution will be finalised.
  • Members should wait until a final position has been reached and be aware of the subsequent testing conditions prior to commencing a Q fever testing regime.

As a result of recent non-AAA commentary on the situation, some members have been making inquiries about how to have their animals tested for Q Fever.  As frustrating as it is for all concerned, in particular those who have animals waiting to be exported, we encourage you to wait until negotiations are completed and an official position is announced.  Should we reach an agreement, the Import Health Protocol will outline specific test conditions that will need to be implemented.

Please be assured, the AAA will advise all members of the official outcome at the earliest possible time.

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