5 Aug Market Access and Trade Update – July 2020

Direct Access to the United Kingdom

The MATC has formed a joint working party with the British Alpaca Society to investigate the development of a one-way direct access export pathway to the UK post-Brexit environment. An initial meeting has resulted in actions to progress negotiations with both the UK and Australian government departments.

While the complex process of export agreements take time, agreement on many issues has already been achieved. The joint working party will continue over the next months to work with their respective governments to achieve the shared goal of an export pathway between our two countries. Perceived benefits for our AAA Members through this trade are:

  • Increased trade opportunities
  • Improved animal health & welfare eg alpacas not having to spend 6 mths in New Zealand quarantine
  • Quicker turnaround on international purchases
  • Reduced export costs.

Re-opening Trade Pathway to New Zealand

Discussions are progressing in a positive manner – albeit slowly.  MPI (NZ) requested clarification on some aspects of the work done by EMAI regarding the new Q Fever test.  This additional information has been provided.  Fingers crossed for a decision to be made shortly. Irrespective of the outcome of the Aust – UK direct access negotiations, the export pathway to New Zealand is vital for Australian sales into both NZ and the European Union.

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