30 Jun Education portfolio report June 2020

I have recently come onto the AAA board and taken on the Education Portfolio.  Education is an area that I’m passionate about, and I’m looking forward to exploring the opportunities for this portfolio and build on the work Sarah has already undertaken in this area. I’d also like to advise that Annemarie Ashton-Wyatt and Steve Glenday will be working with me on the Education and Training Committee, and I welcome their interest and commitment.

Being new to this portfolio I will spend the next couple of weeks reviewing what is already in place in the education space, and ensure that where necessary, this is refined to align with your most recent feedback in the membership survey. I am really impressed with the level of detail provided in your responses. Thank you all for giving us great material we can work with here. I will always welcome your ideas, feedback and expertise to help enhance our educational offerings. I also look forward to discussing with Regional Presidents/Training Officers the educational outcomes you are trying to achieve within your regions.  Maybe there are opportunities to collectively develop educational packages that can be shared across all Regions?

What times we are living through recently – drought, fire, flood and now COVID. My thoughts go out to all our members impacted as you embark on your journey of recovery. Please know that, along with your Board, there are many in our alpaca community, who would love to provide support in some way but may need help to understand the best way to do this.

Recent COVID-19 developments in Victoria have highlighted the uncertainties and challenges of long term planning. We will need to be creative and agile in responding to changing circumstances, but my view is that this is best done by having a strategy that provides a sense of purpose and direction, helps us set priorities and has criteria against which we can assess options as they present.

In closing, I’d just like to reiterate that I will warmly welcome any ideas and offers of expertise you have. Ideas don’t need to be limited to what you could deliver.  If you have a great idea, let me know about it and we can see if we can find the experience and expertise within our great alpaca community to make it happen.  From my professional experience in new product development and higher education I am very conscious of the need to move beyond ideas to implementation of plans in our prioritised areas.

My intention is to outline the coming year’s educational plan in the next newsletter. So, watch this space!  I will finish with the observation, “Stop learning – stop living”

Best wishes, Cathi

Cathi McMullen. Education Portfolio.

cathi@alpaca.asn.au  0407 338823


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