5 Aug AAA National Fleece Challenge

The AAA National Fleece Challenge will take place in December 2020.

Why “Fleece Challenge”? Simply to differentiate it from the annual National Fleece Show which, along with the National Halter Show has been deferred until 2021. We are throwing out a challenge to all breeders to create a brilliant display of alpaca fleeces to show that the industry is thriving in spite of lock-downs, travel restrictions and face masks!

This is a one-off special event to promote your best fleeces, given the lack of opportunity to show this year. We are pleased that Natasha Clark has accepted the invitation to judge this special event, subject to any Covid-19 restrictions that may be in place at the time.

A percentage of show income will be dedicated to prizemoney for successful fleeces in the Fleece Challenge and for those who have saved their show fleeces from last shearing, there will be a special prize for the best pair of fleeces exhibited from the one alpaca, provided they have placed in their relevant classes.

Remember, this is not  JUST a fleece show – it is your chance to show the quality of your breeding that would have taken pride of place in your show pens in any normal year. So, check over your best alpacas and plan your shearing and fleece preparation for your stud’s display of strength in times of adversity.

A list of Q&As  covering the overall concept of the National Fleece Challenge can be found on the AAA website

As usual, we rely on the support of sponsors to fund this important event. Sponsorships are available for both Age and Colour Championships. If you would like to sponsor, please contact Lyn Dickson (warralinga@hotkey.net.au) as soon as possible. A special thank you to those studs who have already made contact to offer sponsorship.

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