30 Jul A thank you from the AAA Board and members

On behalf of the AAA Board, our CEO and AAA members it is my pleasure to say:

  •  “felicitations a vous”
  •  “bonne chance”
  •  “Grand Merci Andrew”
  •  “Grand Merci Bronwyn,”  and
  •  “au revoir pour le moment”

Translated into Oz language:

  • Congratulations on your promotion. A great feather in your cap – or should that be beret?
  • Good luck.  We really wish you well. We can now have faith that the new submarines will surface
  • A huge “thank you” Andrew for your contribution to our industry over many years  – including your roles at a regional level, a judge, and as most recently AAA President.  A huge contribution for what most of the time is a thankless task.
  • Thank you Bronwyn, for your contribution as a judge and equally as important for supporting Andrew enabling him to burn the midnight oil on so many occasions when dealing with AAA Presidency work.  We look forward to seeing more of your amazing artwork with a French flavour!
  • Goodbye for now and we look forward to your return.  Enjoy the “cuisses de grenouilles” (frogs legs).

Prue Walduck on behalf of the AAA Board 

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