30 Aug Alpaca Youth Education Committee (AYE)

The AAA Board is calling for Expressions of Interest from interested AAA members for the Alpaca Youth Education Committee (AYE) to work with the Current AYE Chair and the AAA Board.

Under the AYE-Committee-Charter, which links into the strategic plan, the role of the AYE Committee is to assist the Board to promote and facilitate youth and youth education activities and initiatives with a primary focus on:

  • Fostering youth membership in the AAA,
  • Allocation of Judges for AAA youth events,
  • Formulation and conduct of new judge training programs for youth activities,
  • Process for judge accreditation for Young Paraders,
  • Sharing of information for the promotion and educational advancement of youth and potential youth members,
  • The development and review of documentation,
  • Liaising with Showing and Judging Committee to develop and promote youth activities to be integrated with the wider member base and industry at large.

The AYE membership represents key stakeholder groups including young breeders and teenagers interested in alpacas, becoming judges and/or alpaca careers.  We are looking for a committee interested in contributing to youth development, with the motivation that alpaca plus youth equals future. We encourage any member with a desire to actively contribute to this important area of the AAA to apply.

The Board is seeking expressions of interest for members of this committee. Selection criteria will include:

  • Team player
  • Volunteering ethos and in a position to commit time and effort
  • Sound ethics with the ability to be objective and make decisions in the best interest of the industry
  • Approachable with excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of alpaca industry
  • Confidence to express and back their opinions and opinions of others
  • Respect the confidential nature of the role
  • Access to email and available for teleconference meetings every 6-8 weeks
  • Hold a working with children / vulnerable people card

If you are passionate about youth and the alpaca industry and can contribute to the committee you are encouraged to get involved. Expressions of Interest for any of the positions on the Alpaca Youth and Education Committee, addressing the selection criteria and including a short outline of relevant experience should be directed to Amanda Olthof   by close of business 10 September

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