5 Oct 2018 – A year of positives for the AAA

The Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) reflected on a positive year for both the organisation and their membership at the company’s recent Board meeting in Canberra.

President Ian Frith outlined the vast array of issues that the AAA have worked on during year that have achieved many positives for AAA members across the country.

Treasurer Steven O’Keefe reported on an overall surplus for the company. Major investment in the industry in the 2017/18 financial year included development of eAlpaca and Chinese Market Development for the benefit of all members. The audited financial results were presented and accepted.

Two new Directors were elected to the AAA Board – Mr Ian Preuss and Mr Trevor Parry, and we look forward to their skills and perspectives being

brought to the Board table.

Sincere thanks to Mr Chris Williams from South Australia, who did not re-nominate for the Board for his contribution to the industry over the time of his appointment. Thank you also to Mrs Fiona Vanderbeek for her enormous commitment to the AAA in her position of Vice President. During this time, the industry has seen the introduction of eAlpaca , and she has worked tirelessly in navigating on behalf of breeders and her efforts will be missed going forward.

The meeting was well attended with over 50 members in attendance at the new AAA offices in Canberra following a move from Melbourne in June.

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