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Alpaca Shearers

Alpacas need to be shorn once a year – typically in spring. There are a number of shearers that work around Australia – use this list to find a shearer. If you would like your details listed, please contact the AAA

Servicing Multiple States

James Wheeler

Based in SA

Also servicing QLD, NSW, Vic Tas

0403 972 609

Gary Boseley

0411 720 420
Servicing QLD, NSW, VIC, SA & TAS
18 years experience, will shear 1 animal to 1000
Fleece. Teeth. Feet. Vaccines

Joe Hofer

Riverina, NSW and North East Victoria

0411 025 833

Glenn Dawson

Perth WA & Orangeville NSW

0488 692 802

Chris Power

Anywhere in NSW or SA (2020 season)

0438 653 782

Doug Baker

Shears alpacas on a Table no minimum, Drench and vacs, toenails no power needed as he has a generator.
Contact moblie 0428863133
Services all Western Sydney suburbs South Coast and Southern NSW

Michael Elkins

Based: Southern Tablelands.        In Qld Aug-Sep.
Services: Mostly between Sydney & Canberra.
Shears alpacas, sheep, goats, llamas.
Does toenails, drench and vaccinations.
Table shearing, has own generator, will have a helper with him.

Mobile: 0408 665 228

Colin Ottery 


Arriving Australia 04/10/2023 until 07 December 2023

Starting in WA

Colin Ottery 


Arriving Australia 04/10/2023 until 07 December 2023

Starting in WA


Stephen Auld

STEPHAN AULD             0428 491 963                    

Mobile units covering from South Coast to Muswellbrook and west to Orange. Shears sheep, goats etc.

All husbandry.
Minimum: 1 animal



0428 863 133

Based: Harden. Services: All Western Sydney suburbs, South Coast and southern NSW.

Shears on a table. No minimum number.

Does drench, vacs and toenails. Has own generator

Michael Clout

0428 771 141
Based in Dubbo. Services: Hunter, Hawkesbury, Central Coast, Dubbo, Mudgee, Bathurst, Greater Sydney down to Picton.
Sheep, goats, llamas. Toenails incl, vaccinations $5 per animal.

Glen Dawson

0488 692 802                    
Contact by email or text.
Based: Orangeville       Services: All Sydney, Mittagong, Richmond.
Minimum number: 1-2  Message/email for rates.
Shears: alpacas, sheep, goats, llamas
Does toenails and vaccinations.
Table or floor (for smaller lots)
Has a roustabout.

John Dawson

0436 806 857                    
Contact via mobile or email.
Based: Orangeville, Wagga Wagga
Services: Sydney, Coast & Highland and Riverina
Minimum number: 2           Shears on the floor
Does toenails and vaccinations.


Mobile: 0403 402 114
Preferred contact by email –
Based in Dapto

Services: Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands, Snowy-Monaro, Riverina, Blue Mountains, Bega, Riverina, Hunter, Lithgow, Oberon and Mudgee
Will shear up to 5 sheep or goats. Will do llamas.

Shears on the floor, needs power.

Teeth and toenails included in shearing.  Vaccinations on request.

Minimum charge $70 for 2 animals

Ian Elkins

0417 496 815                    
Call or TEXT to mobile
Based: Southern Tablelands.
Does toenails, vaccinations.
Has own generator and roustabout.

Brian Hughes

No Mobile     02 343 7143 (leave message)           No email.
Based: Grenfell       Services: Cowra/Young/Forbes/West Wyalong
Shears: alpacas, sheep, goats & llamas
Does toenails
Shears on a table, needs access to power
Will need one or two assistants to help handle and lift animals.


0408 665 228          
Based: Southern Tablelands.       In Qld Aug-Sep.
Services: Mostly between Sydney & Canberra.
Shears alpacas, sheep, goats, llamas

Does toenails, drench and vaccinations.
Table shearing, has own generator, will have a helper with him.


0411 025 833          02 6026 3835
Contact by any of above.
Based: Jindera (near Albury)        Services: Most areas of Southern NSW & Northern Vic if numbers justify travel.
Will shear 1 if in the area.
Shear llamas and very small numbers of sheep or goats.

Toenails, Vaccinations & drench are included for small numbers.Larger numbers by negotiation.
Roustabout can be arranged.

Bernie McInerney

02 4821 6298                  No email.
Based: Goulburn     Services: Tumut, Hunter Valley,
Northern NSW, Tamworth areas
Minimum: 1   Shears sheep, goats and llamas
Does toenails & vaccinations if the client has vaccine.
Shears on table, needs access to power.

Alastair McLaren

0488 728 632          

McLarens of Hawkesbury Shearing & Rural Services
Based: Hawkesbury           Services: Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Putty, Camden, Hawkesbury
Minimum number: 1           Shear: Alpacas, llamas, sheep.
Does toenails & vaccinations
Shears on the floor. Ask if you need a roustabout.


Chris Power

0438 653 782                    
Based: Bathurst & Central Coast.
Covers: Most of NSW. (in SA in October)
Minimum: Will do small numbers, people contact in July/August so he can set up a run in a particular area.
Prefers to shear only alpacas & llamas.
Toenails. Vaccinations if vaccines provided.
Has an animal handler with him


0405 535 758           
Contact: refer Text or email but happy to talk to someone. Facebook page: Shorn by Shaun.
Based: Mudgee       Services: Hunter Valley/ Newcastle,
Central Coast, Sydney, Central West, Canberra. Will travel anywhere in NSW for large numbers. Will do small numbers.
Will shear llamas. Does toenails.
Has roustabout if numbers over 10.

Drew Shearman

0427 924 493          
Text to mobile preferred.
Based: Glen Oak (25ks north of Newcastle)
Services: Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley & Mid North Coast regularly. Mudgee occasionally. Annual run to Toowoomba.
Prefer to do smaller lots (less than a 100). Will do 1 animal.
Shears sheep, goats and llamas.
Does toenails, vaccinations. Will worm drench if required.
Shears on a table. Doesn’t have a roustabout.
Preferred method of contact:

Carries own plant consisting of both battery and electric gear and all the equipment to shear, drench, vaccinate, crutch and trim hooves.  Will travel for any number of animals and don’t mind shearing single animals or small mobs.

Cath Lukin

0400 076 432
Based: Braidwood   Covers: Braidwood, NSW South coast, Monaro
Alpacas only, minimum of 1.
Prices vary dependant on a number of factors, please enquire.
Does toenails, vaccinations, drench & AD&E (if required).
Also provides year round service for 5-in-1, toenails etc

Simon Warner

East Guyong near Millthorpe. Serving the Central West

0429 687 229

02 6368 7229

Does small numbers, mainly alpacas.
Will do toenails, vaccinations & drench




0417 272 937                                   
Contact by TEXT message to mobile.
Based: Hawkesbury. Covers: Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Penrith, Mulgoa/Camden/Picton/Werombi area, Hills District, other areas on application. Minimum number: 2 Shears on the floor.
Has a roustabout. Does toenails and vaccinations.


Ken Wray

0407 050 252          4841 1818
Based: Marulan            Services: Southern Tablelands, Southern Highlands, Western Sydney, South Coast (Northern end).
Minimum number: 1   Maximum number: 30              Will shear llamas.
Toenails, vaccinations included. Drenching if required.
Specialises in small numbers, particularly pets and guards.
Does husbandry work outside shearing period.
Happy to give advice to owners unfamiliar with alpacas.


Richard Wirth

0418 972 233                    
Laggan                    Services: Anywhere in NSW
Shears alpacas & llamas. Minimum number: 1
Supplies own plant consisting of electric gear, generator, and all the equipment to shear, drench, vaccinate, and pedicure. Shear on a table or on the ground.

South Australia

Chris Williams

0417 826 762

Andrew Chapman

Salter Springs
08 8528 6165

Brian Gursansky

08 8524 9093

Frank Jacobs and Ruth Richmond

Mount Barker
08 8536 4819
0400 406 636

Kob Schmaal

0438 755 329


No herd too big, or too small. Will travel where needed.

Matt Williams

0417 600 640

Mitchell Williams

SA based

0475 076 385

Rob Phillips

08 8572 3023

Greg Toholke

SA and  cover Mid north, Yorke Peninsula, Adelaide Plains, Barossa, Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, Bordertown  and beyond.

Fully self sufficient, shear on a table, have rousey,  generator and full plant.

Specialize in  small mobs 1 to 30 or so.

Dont shear goats or sheep but can do llamas.

Extras include toenails, teeth, vacs .

Can be contacted by

Mobile or text: 0429 842 388




Justin Billman

Justin has been shearing alpacas for 16 years and cover most of Victoria
Service includes needles ,nails , haircut and ongoing advice.


Phone: +61430544642


John Butterworth

South West Victoria, near Colac and he shears throughout this region; and across to the SE of South Australia. He also provides services around Melb rural areas.

John provides all services including shearing, toe clipping,  vaccinations, drenches, nutrition advice.

0448 673 833

Shane Carey


0409 270 381

Eddie Dunham

03 5261 3714

David Pratt


0427 950 262

Shearing and maintenance services including toe nails (if and when needed), vaccinations and will drench if requested.  Shear on a table and will travel to you for one or two animals or larger amounts for one person and will also work runs to suit an area/multiple farms in close proximity.

Rick Jakobi

Lakes Entrance

0437 749 720

Marcus Karlen

Located in Central Victoria. Focusing primarily on animal welfare, Marcus will shear alpacas on the ground, minimising handling and animal stress. Provides all services including shearing, toe clipping, vaccinations, drenches and general animal welfare advice.  No minimum number of alpaca.

Marcus can be contacted on 0497 394 776 or at

Shane Winslet

Mildura to Albury, Melbourne, Ballarat, Nhill

Can do toes (if and when needed), vaccinations, drenches, and skirt fleeces. Shears small mobs of ones and twos to large mobs and work runs to suit that area.

0438 944 933

Richard Lawrence

0409 921 473

Baa Baa Buzz Cuts Alpaca and Sheep Shearing services
Alpaca and small mob shearing services. Servicing most areas around Victoria. Specializing in alpaca shearing and small mobs under 5 sheep. Will vax, drench, trim toes and give necessary vitamins. $70 call out/ setup
Tim Purcell

0418 320 655

Rod Sales

Heathcote & Gisborne

03 5433 3789

Shane Dunn

Shears alpacas and also does vaccinations, vitamin injections, hooves trimmed and teeth grinding.

Ballarat Victoria

0448 291 074

Mikhaila Rollinson Lazarus

Phone number: 0431039719

Location – Gippsland

Locations serviced – all of Victoria

No minimum number to shear

travel cost per –  $70 travel and set up (divided between owners in one area)

floor or table: both (takes table)

roustabout: yes, all girl shearing team


Gordy Brady

0427 843 525

Keith Kat

Phone: 0428 130 844



Does all of Victoria.

Shears alpacas and sheep, uses a table and brings a roustabout.

Does drenching, injections toenails as required.

Sarah Vaughan

Phone number: 0460 409 245


Shearing in central Vic but happy to travel if needed

Ian Wastle

0428 566 997




Janelle and Byron can take care of all your husbandry needs. We can support your education of how to care for your alpacas independently as well.

Shearing session usually starts around late October, early November through to mid March and bookings for this service is essential. Byron has built a purpose tilt table that enables us to secure alpacas as stress free as possible on their side. We take as much care as possible while shearing saddle off first to reduce guard hair contamination and to ensure the quality of the fleece is not comprised.

We also support many owners with their quarterly husbandry needs including toenail trimming, annual 5 in 1 vaccinations, Vitamin ADE injections, and drenching. Contact us today for a quote on all your shearing and husbandry needs.

We shear all over Tasmania

Mobile/text –  0428939979

Email –


Southern Shearing

0497 109 720

Greg Edwards

Greg Edwards – travels state wide in Tasmania shearing alpacas,

Greg shears on the ground (freestyle shearing)

No mob too large or too small!

Phone – 0459789905

Western Australia

Travor and Tania Gellat

0428 330 240



Bravo Alpaca Shearing

Steve Mallet

Fraser Morris

0417 005 146

Allan Fitzimmons

07 5437 3089

Alpaca dentist