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There are very good reasons for as many progeny as possible from enrolled alpaca to be included in the calculation of ABVs. But there is also a strong preference to be able to link all enrolled animals to their IAR records. Accordingly, for practical data processing reasons the AGE Working Party has agreed that only alpacas registered in the IAR can be included in the AGE. It only costs $5.50 to register males and wethers! Therefore members are encouraged to register all progeny in their AGE herds so that the ABVs are more accurate.

He or she would request the ABVs and relevant Breeding Objective Value of the sire in question from the owner. This will provide a Breeding Objective Value that can then be compared with BOVs from other sires being considered.

All participating breeders will have to decide for themselves what they are aiming to achieve in their breeding practices. A simple Breeding Objective would be finer fleece and higher fleece weights, perhaps weighted 60% to fineness and 40% to fleece weight. But a breeding objective can include as many traits as you wish, weighting them according to the relative emphasis that you want to place on each trait you have chosen to record for that alpaca.

You may record as many or as few of the nominated traits as you like for each of your alpaca, without extra cost. It is recommended that at least the standard fleece test traits of FD, CV and Comfort Factor, as well as fleece weight be recorded. Other traits from the permitted list are obviously optional. You can even record different traits for different groups of progeny. Clearly, it would be valuable to record all the traits that you choose to include in your Breeding Objective. The selection of all traits is entirely discretionary, and you can add or delete them as you wish in future years.

Yes! Experience from other similar genetic improvement programs is that ABVs for different traits are likely to become a major marketing tool as breeders seek genetic improvement to achieve their breeding objectives. This is, after all, only an additional tool for breeders who are mostly already trying to do this by other means. The sooner you become enrolled in the AGE the greater the accuracy of your alpaca's ABVs. And the more members who participate, the more valuable will be the overall comparison between your individual ABVs and the industry benchmark.

Initially that data will be accepted, but it will quickly become apparent from data on progeny that the original data was incorrect. Those breeders will then have to explain the discrepancies to their clients and fellow breeders.