Alpaca Meat

Alpacas have long represented a major food source for South America peoples; they have been called the sheep of the Andes. Though mostly farmed for their fleece in Australia, the industry here is waking up to the further offerings of alpacas.

Some Australian farms have blazed the trail for large scale farming uses well-established breeding and husbandry principles to produce high-quality lean meat and fleece from their alpacas, as well as quality pelts. Selective breeding and advances in reproductive technology are being put to effective use. Australia is now well-positioned to lead the international market of high quality alpaca meat, alongside our excellent alpaca fleece industry.

Alpaca meat is highly nutritious, lean and flavoursome. It is an excellent source of protein with little saturated fat or cholesterol, and is environmentally sustainable to produce. Able to withstand dry conditions for longer than most livestock, Alpacas are a great green fit for Australia's farming climate. Their soft feet cause minimal soil disruption and ecosystem damage, far less than Australia's traditional livestock. As most parts of the alpaca can be used for meat, alpacas offer a high yield with little wastage.

As the Australian meat farming industry seeks to remain competitive and develop further, alpacas are being looked to as a great investment.