Scotch Group Pty Ltd

The Scotch Group is a collection Company committed to collecting all alpaca fleece, both Huacaya and Suri of all microns and colours with the purpose selling fleece and developing end product to benefit ALL Australian alpaca breeders. Scotch Group has sourced commercial end uses for ALL lengths, ALL microns and ALL colours in both huacaya and suri. Too much valuable fleece is being thrown out or left to rot for years in shearing sheds, where a good return could be made from this fleece.

The endless uses for alpaca fleece for an ever-increasing range of end products is amazing. The unique properties of alpaca fleece are only limited by the imagination and talents of manufacturers worldwide. The pre conceived vision that only fleece between 80mm to 140mm is “commercial” is far too narrow and limiting. If alpaca end products are only represented by yarn and what can be produced from it, then Australian breeders are being pigeon holed into a narrow segment of an ever-diversifying market. This is potentially robbing them of significant dollar returns for their entire annual clip.

As a result of this commitment, the Scotch Group has developed markets with a range of buyers and end product producers. Manufacturers are particularly interested in alpaca fleece as its unique attributes can produce end products of superior quality, not able to be achieved with the use of other natural or synthetic fibre.

The Scotch Group recently held a shearing/ fleece preparation workshop which covered such topics as:

  • Alpaca Fibre in General
  • Shearing shed set-up
  • How to prepare fleece
  • What do buyers want
  • Micron / Colour / Length / Strength
  • SD vs CV (what’s the difference and why is it important)
  • Contamination (colour, primary fibre, varying lengths, VM)
  • Current Markets and demand
  • How can you get the best return on your fibre

There were also a lot of hands on opportunities for the participants to get involved with shearing, skirting and preparing fleeces. Particular emphasis was placed on being able to identify and sort fleece from both the shearing table/mat and the classing table.

With the normal fast pace at shearing time, it is often difficult for breeders to take the time to get their “eye in” on what attributes determine how a fleece is sorted. At the workshop, we were able to move at a pace, where all participants had the opportunity to identify what areas of a fleece should be removed from the saddle and which lines they should be sorted into for maximum return.

After shearing and sorting a few fleeces, the participants became more proficient at identifying what part of the alpaca the fleece came from, removing areas that were different from the saddle and placing the fleece in their correct lines. This is a very important skill to learn. If the skirtings/neck are not removed from the saddle before storing it, then there is a risk that the entire saddle maybe downgraded to a lesser classing line. This could see the grower receiving a less than optimal return on their beautiful fibre

Scotch Group is very excited to be at the forefront of the collection and supply of Australian alpaca fleece for the use in end products from high end fashion, furnishing, duvets, carpets and much more.

So, now is the time to sort your fleece from this year’s and previous years’ shearings.

For a pricing list, consignment form and further details, please contact either Andrew Munn 0408 410 281, or Ian Preuss 0407 931 789