Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill (GORM)


We process some of Australia’s finest fibres into luxurious yarns and showcase them to the world.

Purpose of fleece collection

Manufacturing in and for our own enterprise..

Fleece type collected

Huacaya and Suri.

Fleece colour

All colours.

What are your fleece preparation requirements?

Specific standards for shearing:

  • Faeces in fleeces is unacceptable (which can occur if animals are kept in a tight space for any length of time).
  • Minimal amount of second cuts (as these contribute to the overall amount of less during processing and therefore devalues a fleece. They also shorten some of the staples which can therefore result in parts of a fleece measuring below the required length.)

Specific standards for skirting (apart from the standard):

  • Consistency of length & colour
  • No tender fleeces

Maximum limits for VM and other contaminants:

  • Minimum amount of vm – straw/hay, grass seeds.
  • Minimum amount of dust/top soil (Real problem with show fleeces and therefore prefer not to purchase them unless they’ve been cleaned properly.)
  • No thistles, burrs, faces, and other foreign objects (nail clippings, gum nuts, etc) & No red soil stain.

Minimum /maximum length:

70 mm to 140 mm (ie 7cm to 14 cm)

Micron range:

18-26 micron

Fleece age:

Preferably not stored for more than 18 months.

As we do not advertise that we purchase fleeces we do not have any of these requirements on our website. However, for commission work we will provide all potential customers with a fleece preparation guide.

Do you offer training on your fleece preparation requirements?

We open our mill to the public from 2.00pm every Saturday & Sunday between September and May and offer group tours at these times. We have run workshops in the past and are happy to do so again if the interest is there.

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