Boston Fine Fibres

Boston Fine Fibres is a specialty fibre mill located in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.  We specialise in processing small quantities of natural coloured alpaca fleece, occasionally blending it with other natural fibres.

In true ‘paddock to product’ style, we aim to create elite yarns from the finest 2 ply to bulky 12 ply. For those who love the chunky styles, we also create Icelandic- style lopi yarns and super bold rug yarns.

These elite yarns are processed in our eco-friendly mini-mill.  All of the mill’s water and solar energy requirements are harvested from its rooftop and its grey water irrigates our orchard.  No harsh detergents, bleaches or dying agents are used throughout the process.

From time to time, we purchase small quantities of well skirted alpaca fleece of all colours, which is relatively free of vegetable matter.  Evidence of fibre testing may be required and should fall within the range of 18-25 micron, staple length of 80-150 mm and comfort factor above 90%.   Pricing is dependent on colour, quality and local market prices and will be paid on receipt of fleeces. 

Further information:
Please contact Tanya or Jim on 0417 497 940 or visit us at

Boston Fine Fibres is also a collection point for Waratah Alpaca Fibre Co-Op.