Alpaca Gear

“Promoting best practice in the journey from paddock to product”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build on the advances in Australian alpaca genetics by promoting best practice in the journey from paddock to product, and by supporting the endeavours of local mills and manufacturers in their quest to produce truly Australian alpaca products.

What we do

Our focus is to promote best practice in the fleece harvesting process, by providing training in shearing and fleece collection techniques, and by offering classing and marketing options for growers to sell their clip.

How does it work?

We encourage growers to attend AAA accredited workshops, which provide invaluable guidance on shed preparation, fleece sorting, skirting and packaging. Training dates for the Qld/NSW border regions are published on the Alpaca Gear website and in the SQNNSW Regional website. Growers in other areas should refer to their AAA Regional websites for training opportunities.

Individual fleeces are accepted for classing on a consignment basis. All fleeces are micron tested and classed by a registered AWEX Wool and Alpaca Classer. When a classed line of fleece is sufficient to fill a pressed bale, that bale is then offered to market.

Fleeces may be delivered to our collection depots at Kin Kin (near Gympie), Lismore and at our classing facility at Dalveen (near Stanthorpe).

Where does the fleece go?

Most of our classed fleece is offered to the open market. However, some is processed into yarn for our own range of knitwear, and for boutique knitwear designers.