Alpaca Fibre Network Australia AFN(Aust)


AFN(Aust) was set up in 2013 by a group of Alpaca breeders from around Australia spear-headed by Annette and Keate Woodgate in Victoria and Kerry and Jolyon Porter in South Australia.  The group operate on a not for profit basis so that as much of the return from fleece sales as possible is paid to the grower.  The goals of the group are:

  1. Collect, objectively class, and sell alpaca fleece to buyers who appreciate the superior qualities of this wonderful fibre
  1. Collect and market all colours and grades of Huacaya fleece.
  1. Obtain the best price possible for growers
  1. Ensure growers are fully aware of the requirements for achieving the best price possible through education workshops, electronic communication and attending on the day their fleeces are processed.
  1. Minimise costs involved in operating the collection and sale system – all assistants are volunteers.

As the name implies, this is a network of alpaca breeders who are working as a team to supply a raw product in a consistent and sustainable way. To help with these goals it is imperative that all breeders abide by the motto of “Breeders helping breeders” to ensure the workload of collecting and classing is not left to a few.

Fleece type collected

Huacaya fleece – all microns, all colours.

Fleece colour

We have buyers interested in all colours.

What are your fleece preparation requirements?

Please have your shearer remove the saddle first. This is the preferred method of shearing and helps to reduce contamination by stronger fibre from the bellies and legs. Vegetation MUST BE MINIMAL. Please skirt realistically and place the saddle in a separate, non-biodegradable bag.

Do you offer training on your fleece preparation requirements?

AFN(Aust) has held Fleece Harvesting Workshops and Shearing workshops from time to time including workshops conducted at regional meetings. In addition, breeders receive training on fleece preparation every time they deliver fleeces to AFN(Aust). This is because AFN(Aust) is not a drop and run set up – contributors of fleece are expected to help skirt, class and sort their own fleeces (under supervision) and donate some extra time to help the organisation run smoothly. This way, growers learn more about their own fleeces and see how others are working to improve the quality of their fleeces. Camaraderie on these days is invaluable.

How do you accept delivery of fleece?

AFN(Aust) has collection points established in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. See the website for contact details.

Do you have standard prices for fleece supplied specified in colour and micron ranges?

We have a classing protocol under which we market fleece in bands of two micron widths. Fleece is OFDA 2000 tested using three point samples to determine the micron band. We have established repeat customers and are therefore able to give indicative prices expected for fleece in particular lines. We are able to achieve similar prices for all colours in the same micron band.

How and when is payment made to growers who supply fleece to you?

As AFN(Aust) is a volunteer organisation, fleece is placed with AFN(Aust) on consignment and growers are paid when AFN(Aust) receives payment from its buyers.

Ph: Annette and Keate Woodgate mobile 0419550826
Ph: Kerry and Jolyon Porter mobile 0407 602 039