The mission of fleece baled under the brand is to provide quality, consistent product to market while aiding alpaca farmers in generating a sustainable and profitable industry.

Purpose of fleece collection

The operation is set up as a depot shed for the purpose of lot building targeting the wider commercial market with sales to date primarily direct to processors, both large and small.

Fleece type collected

To date we have concentrated on huacaya fleece which represents the vast majority of fleece sold, however, we are currently experiencing some interest in suri fleece and have quantities stockpiled and expect to be doing more with it soon.

Fleece colour

We currently accept all colours, however, we experience very low demand for roans, rose greys and appaloosas. To date for mainline fleece we do not disadvantage coloured fleece in regards to prices paid.

What are your fleece preparation requirements?

Fleece is prepared for market as per Alpaca Fleece Classing Code of Practice Industry Standard for the Preparation of Australian Alpaca Edition Two. Noting that we will prepare lots to mill specifications that may not fit within lines defined in the Code of Practice.

When receiving mainline fleece we expect that it will be well sheared and skirted with minimum VM contamination unless otherwise noted by the supplier. The supplied fleece is then matched to the appropriate line to try and achieve the best return for the grower.

Do you offer training on your fleece preparation requirements?

To date we have provided training on whole of shed preparation from stock preparation through to packing of fleece and understanding fleece results. At this point in time we have not charged for this training.

How do you accept delivery of fleece? 

Unless by prior arrangement all fleece is to be delivered to depot by the grower. The fleece does not have to be micron tested, however, if the fleece has been tested by a recognised lab, we do request this information is provided to us. We expect mainline fibre to be supplied individually bagged. We will now only accept fleece bulk classed by prior agreement.

When fleece is delivered arrangements are made with the grower and typically it is catalogued upon receipt. This particularly for first time suppliers, for the identification of mistakes and allows for education to prevent these mistakes in the future.

Do you have standard prices for fleece supplied specified in colour and micron ranges and how is this price determined? – All mainline fleece is supplied to us on a consignment basis. Unless otherwise instructed we will sell on a first available sale basis. We provide estimated returns to the grower at time of consignment.

Wages are paid to all staff involved in processing of fleece. Where fleece is found not to have met expectations upon delivery we are currently investigating adding a per kilo surcharge to correct the problems or let the grower take the fleece back and deal with it themselves.

How and when is payment made to growers who supply fleece to you? – Payment for mainline fleece is made to the grower following the sale of their fleece. For non-mainline fleece payment may be made prior to sale dependent on volume. The ultimate aim is to be in the position to pay cash on delivery.